Avenue Mixtape Vol.4 – Chambers Skate Shop

Chambers Skate Shop FTW


The world needs a lot more people like Ben Fahey. FACT

If you’re around the North West of England and want to visit a core skate shop, Chambers is highly recommended.

Not only does Ben, founder and owner of Chambers, stock all of the best brands and products including ours, but everyone is welcome through his doors. There’s no ‘too cool for school’ snobbery here. He’s all about keeping it real, maintaining the scene and putting a smile on your face … oh and making lots of money, just kidding Ben! (laughs)

Avenue’s acceptance and success in the North West skate scene owes a lot to Ben. He chose to stand out from the crowd by taking us under his wing, and is a constant reminder that being true to yourself, positive and caring towards others is what really matters.



Avenue Mixtape Vol.3 – Ethan Parry


Ethan’s references to pop culture and pro skater’s of the early 2000’s has always been hilarious and provided the foundation to our life long friendship. We met by complete chance whilst learning to skateboard in my high school carpark.


Sadly Ethan moved away from Guernsey and my heart sank. We would make every effort to keep in touch whilst he travelled the world – China, Spain and many parts of England. If you look back through the Avenue archive, you’ll find great testament to his legacy.

Ethan has become an amazing skateboarder and someone who not just myself, but all of his friends and family love to spend time with and have a laugh.

He has a very humble attitude, dedication and perseverance to succeed in life is contagious. I’m honoured and proud to have Ethan as part of the Avenue rooster and look forward to any opportunity we get to spend with each other.

Oh, did I mention Ethan’s eclectic taste of music and awesome DJ skills? Take a listen to his edition of the Avenue Mixtape Series and download it here whilst you still can. One love.



Avenue Mixtape Vol.2 – Luke Graves

Born and raised in the seaside town Lowestoft, Luke crossed paths with some of the lads and I whilst living and skating in London.

Whether he’s fishing, jamming with his guitar, mixing, cooking or skating, Luke’s guaranteed to put a big smile on your face and make you laugh.

I always remember our legendary cross-continental skate trip to Hamburg in the summer of 2017. Camping on the side of motorways, showering in private gyms and hammering it down the Autobahn in a big old ass, straight-six Mercedes.

Luke has since re-located back to living in New Zealand with his amazing wife, Katie. He’s put a side his busy daily routine and made a cracking mix for our series.

 You heard it here first, now go download it here and get pumped!




Avenue Mixtape Vol.1 – gGnarr (George Juchau)


Take a listen to the sound of the suburbs.

Hailing from the quiet borough of Hillingdon on the outskirts of London, George proved that he had a mature style on and off the board since we first met.

Growing up seeing George progress and get as far as he has is incredible. He’s never failed to impress us not that it’s needed. Remaining humble and true to his unique personality.

The guy’s a natural and nice as pie. He’s managed to put his hectic Uni party life a side for one night and proudly stepped up, producing the first edition of our Avenue Mixtape series.

Anyway, if you enjoy it enough, download it here whilst you can!


Chambers Skate Shop Avenue Mixtape Series

Ben, you’re a top lad and we want to thank you for everything you do for so many of us!

‘Av a listen to his edition of our Mixtape Series and download it here whilst you still can!



Ethan Parry - Flowers

Ethan Parry - Avenue Mixtape Vol.3


Big Boss Man